US College Placement

A college tennis scholarship…. 

in America is a phenomenal experience. The educational opportunities…, once in a lifetime. The goal to become a intercollegiate athlete in the United States is a great choice for your future and Tiger Tennis Munich will show you the way.

Tennis is one of 30 amateur sports sponsored by the three college associations: NCAANAIA and the NJCAA. Thousands of great athletes have walked through these doors and onto the competitive stage of college tennis and even into the international arena. 

Having an academic education to fall back on is paramount. Degrees in International Business, the world of Information Technology, Finance and Medicine are just a few occupational fields there for you. It’s time to be paid back for all the hard work on the practice court. Playing the sport you love, walking away with a college degree and improving your competitive skills to the highest level…, it does not get any better than that.

What makes Tiger Tennis Munich special? The answer is our international expertise and first hand experience coaching in the NCAA  and the Pro Tour. Through this we have created relationships with university coaching staffs across the nation. Plus knowing the level of play experience required to win at a sectional, regional and national level. More importantly we cater especially to Munich and the international tennis player.

To be successful in college tennis for the international student it takes years of planning. Showing results as a junior, in the “Tennis Europe Circuit”, or  “International Tennis Federation” are key for a university coach evaluation.

Of course your overall eligibility as a International student athlete requires proper accreditation. We can discuss with you which exams and requirements are needed for the “NCAA Clearinghouse” timely registration. We will put our expertise to work and maximize each students scholarship potential. 

A full or partial College Tennis Scholarship in America is the goal. Financial assistance is also a possibility. Your performance as a player and a student will determine your financial status from year to year. We will be happy to continue our relationships with each student athlete after acceptance in school. The college placement program can also include players not taking part in our specific and personalized training program for collegiate tennis. 

Through our experiences we know that it will be vital to stay physically and mentally sharp during the summer months. Lets stay in touch so that when fall season rolls around, you come out…

Fighting like a tiger. 



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