International Vision

The stage is set in Munich…

for the international student and a tennis scholarship in the United States. “Tiger Tennis Munich” is on a mission to take you away from the past and into the future of today’s top global sport: the world of tennis at it’s best.

As coaches, all player levels are valued respectively. It is however our ambition, to tune up your style and power up your game to peak performance levels and beyond. 

Over the years concept and philosophies in the sport have been studied and shared. Some with greater results than others. With respect to the visions of the worlds top coaches and players opinions, at the end of the day, we are all students of the game, learning continually about our field and it’s evolutionary stepping stones. Staying on top of innovative thinking and creative ideas is what we are passionate about. With that being said, it is “TTM”  point of view, that a major focus point is to emphasize the importance of setting a reasonable individual goal and tailor a training regime approach accordingly to achieve maximum potential. Being a “National Champion”, or traveling the “Pro-Tour” are exciting dreams for the fortunate few and we congratulate those who make it to the top. But just for one minute…, let’s visualize the phenomenal experience of playing college tennis in America, ITA, or  “Futures” events internationally.  A reasonable goal for thousands. The success rate is much more favorable. NCAA sports is a star for any resume. Anything worth doing is difficult, but your hard work and determination can make a College Tennis Scholarship in the United States a reality. International vision, calculated planning and guiding your tennis career into the right direction is what we do and our world class experience in tennis will take you there. 

Let’s play to win. 


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