Player Development

The evolution…

of the sport of tennis and that of the individual is a process to be studied over a period of time. Changes and expectations are important considerations. Let us follow the established player development stages and see if you (or your child) are up to date and on the right path with the skill development that will be required to benefit your future down the road in a tennis career. 

3 to 7 year old:

  • can start and become proficient in all motor skills: movement, striking, tracking. The coordination foundation starts now. The family is essential in these early stages. From 5 to 7 formal tennis can begin.

7 to 10 year old:

  • continue and become fundamentally sound in all aspects in the game.                                       Racket control, body rotation and weight transfer, technically perfect. 

10 to 12 year old:

  • tournament play in place, makes contact freely under pressure and automatic. Breathing and concentration method established. Weight training can begin. Growth watch. Weekday practice, hourly. 

12 to 14 years old:

  • perfect timing, rhythm and balance. Understands patterns and court positions. Competitive attitude. Anticipates and reads opponents. Understands critical phases of match play. Fitness and running programs begin. All spin variations. Weekday practice, multiple hours. 

14 to 16 year old:

  • Regional or national ranking in place (Tennis Europe). Established mental approach and player style. Match momentum awareness. Specialized training phases to fitness ratio for injury prevention. Increase strength, eliminate weakness. Intensive running program. Weekly training hours increased. Diet and burnout watch. 

16 to 18 year old:

  • Fully established player, (earlier for female athletes), coordination improvement has reached its fullest. Future goals in place. Desire, motivation and discipline. Stretching limitations are emphasized.

Hard work, determination and sacrifice does and will pay off. Tens of millions of dollars are awarded to thousands of student athletes each year in scholarships.

full College Tennis Scholarship in the United States  by official guidelines, will include the following components:     

Paid in full:  

  • tuition
  • books
  • room and board

Our homework is done!                                                                                                                                                                      

Your Serve Tiger!!




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