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Strategy continueD….!

Hello Friends:

An established serving strategy is key to high performance match play! Variations of tosses and stance angles will affect the balls flight path and placements. It is important to keep your opponent guessing and not expecting where your serve will land. Developing a concept of spin and speed variations should be practiced and put into match play tactics.

Paying attention to score situations and critical phases of a match may also dictate which sort of serve may be delivered. In a 30 Luv or 40-15 score count it may be the time to increase your risk factor as as server. On the same token being two breaks up in a 4 games to 1 of 5 games to 2 situation, in your favor, would be an opportune time to expand the envelope limit. The same strategy will be put into play being down a break and behind on the score count by spinning in the first serve, so that there is less pressure being forced on you to hit a second serve on an add out situation.

Serves can be labeled as the following (right handed players) :

  • slice serve: moves from right to left

  • kick serve: moves from south to north

  • flat serve: travels straight

  • twist serve: moves left to right.

All these serves can be placed anywhere in the service box. As stated above toss and stance variations will constitute ball direction.

Certain angles that the racket is held in the hand will also have an effect on the way the ball moves through the air.

Whoever said that you are as good as your second serve is right on the money. On the same side of the coin a good first serve followed up with a good second serve will make you a winner.

Next week we will talk about return of serve and the discussion will be similar. The theme of this week and next weeks tip is to never show the same move twice.

Let us know how it works for you!